Fixing Loops


Our in-house developed fixing loops are being manufactured soley at our location in Austria.
We are using a high strength, latex-free silicone rubber. Hence, the fixing loops are predominantely suitable for bundling surgery instruments during the sterilization process as well as during its use in the operation room. Due to the performance of the material it can be re-used in order to increase the efficiency.

The part is having a total length of 21 centimeter and can be extended with other loops.


Sterilizable (ETO, steam, gamma)

Made in Austria


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The fixing loops are available in two different colors and can be used in washing- and disinfection equipment. Both articles are identical in design and material. 13485W0-B 13485W0-G

Flexible use

Due to its robust material, the fixing loops can be unproblematically wrapped around surgery instruments to ensure proper positioning. Not only for the sterilisation process, but also for marking of instruments the loops are applicable.

Because the loops can be extended, also larger instruments can be fixed.

Additionally, the material is latex-free which is in particular a great relief for persons with allergies.

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