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Our motivation is improving, optimising of products and developing new products, which improve and revolutionise the work in hospitals.

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Flexible skin hook – made with latex-free silicone – sterile

The part is made with high strength, latex-free silicone rubber band and a flexible skin hook.
Due to the open shage of the hook (non-twisted), both components can be easily separated.

The silicone rubber band is available in two different elongation. It can be stretched up to 70 resp. 90 centimeters. The hook has two different sizes. It is a single-use disposable item with CE certification, sterile packed and contains a label for the patient’s file.

Single-Use Product

Medical Device Class IIa

Sterile Product

Made in Austria

Restraint Loops

Multi versatile restraint loops – multi use

The part is made with latex-free, high strength silicone rubber. With a total length of approx. 21 centimeters the loops can be used for fixing instruments during the sterilisation process. By adding several loops the length can be extended accordingly.

Due to its robust material the article is multiple re-useable.


Sterilisable (ETO, steam, gamma)

Made in Austria

Adeor Products

Surgical instruments – German-made quality

We provide numerous innovative surgical instruments particulary for neuro surgical application. Developed by German company adeor. Such as bipolare forceps, easy-to-clean bone perforators and other instruments for surgeries.

nxt Non-Stick Technology

nxt Irrigation Technology

nxt Suction Technology


70th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

12–15 May 2019

Visit us in Würzburg.

Annual conference of the German society of neuro surgery

November 09th-10th, 2018

Visit us at our booth!

54rd annual conference of the Austrian society of neuro surgery

Oct. 04th-06th, 2018

We attended the 54th annual conference of the Austrian society of neuro surgery in the Montforthouse in Feldkirch and are very happy to welcome many visitors at our booth.
Especially the positive reactions and the convinced visitors, who where able to try our products out during the held workshops, are making us very glad.

47. NITOP Conference

March 14th-16th, 2018

Our products have been presented at this years NITOP conference at the university clinical center in Graz. Many interested parties could be convinced by the quality of our valuable and versatile products.

Hereby we would like to say thank you to the visitors of our booth.

53rd annual conference of the Austrian society of neuro surgery

Oct. 07th, 2017

During the 53rd annual conference of the Austrian Society of neuro-surgery we have presented our products and were glad to see many interested parties.